Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gag Me with a Spoon at the Office

Dear Eve,

How do I get the people I work with to take me seriously?  I look younger than I am plus I've been told that I'm bubbly, which to me that just means happy.  I dress to stay on trend instead of the plain suit, but I think that helps me look fresh and up to date.  I'm always participating and giving good ideas but I feel like I'm looked over again and again.

Help!  I love my job and want to move ahead in my organization.

Dear Bubbles,

You sound like a sweet girl.  Not exactly what you wanted to hear, huh?  But what you wrote points to that fact:  you're nice, thoughtful, hopeful for the future.  Everything that most of the dead souls in office work hate.

You've got to get it together and be miserable.  Only then you will join the herd, hate your job, and move forward in an organization that doesn't value individuality or new ideas.  That sounds like a place I'd like to work.

My suggestion is that you look for a new job, a job that suits your personality and appreciates a fresh approach to their business.  You should make a few changes along the way, though.  Let's tone down the "bubbly" to "positive."  I'm not suggesting that you be less than happy, but instead make sure your talk centers around the positive aspects of your work, not life in general.  Keep the super-happy and personal for after hours.  Next, you say you dress trendy and look younger than you are.  Perhaps you need to update your wardrobe to get forward-looking fashions that are more age-appropriate and giving you a little more gravitas, making your co-workers look at you, not just what you're wearing.  It will also help you integrate and look like a team-player (oh how I hate that word). You need to meet everyone half-way.  Put in the effort to fit in there, and you'll have the references you need to help you land that job that's going to fit you perfectly.

Then again, since you're not going anywhere at your current job, you could go total Flash Dance on them:  really buy into the super '80's trend that is so baffling it's awesome and show up smacking gum and talking like a Valley Girl.  That would be fun.  You can amuse yourself while your co-workers are plotting against you and waiting for you to die in a fire.  Or just waiting to hide an open a can of tuna under your desk so they can make jokes about your smelly vagina.  Mixing things up sounds like fun to me.  No way!  Yes way!  Like, totally.


  1. I love this one, this one could be directed at me! But thanks for making me laugh so hard I actually choked on my lunch while reading! 

  2.  Glad you laughed.  You've made my day!

  3.  I completely agree.  It was actually auto-biographical.  I look like Olivia Newton-John right now and, honestly, smell a little like fish.