Monday, March 12, 2012

Facebook Never Lies

Dear Eve,

My wife and I are separated but I really want to work things out.  We've been together a long time, have a child together, and got married young.  We both made some really bad mistakes, but my faith won't let me walk away without giving it my all.

The problem is that she says we can work on it, goes on a date with me every so often, takes money that I offer, but on Facebook she is still listed in a relationship with the guy she left me for.  They post on each other's page, but she tells me  it's just a complicated situation.

No one understands why I'm fighting for my family.  Even though it's complicated, how can I convince everyone that I know what's best for my wife, me and our baby?

Dear Poor Bastard,

That really says it all.  Your situation is a tangled ball of WTF? and you're going to have to have a serious Come to Bob moment if you want to get you and the little one in a healthy and happy place.  And I gotta say it:  you are not in a healthy, happy place.  This is absolutely not going to work out.  She does not love you the way you need to be loved, evidenced by the other penis that currently rents out space in her vagina when yours isn't there.  SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND  If she was working on things with you there would be no place for this other guy, I don't care how "complicated" it is.

As far as convincing anyone of anything, you've got a full-time job convincing yourself that she's worth your time.  The truth is, you are your wife's personal ATM and an object of her derision.  Trust me.  She's deriding the shit out of you all over town and every chance she gets.  She's made you a punk and I bet she thinks it's a real hoot.

Do your kid a favor and let it all go.  Start rebuilding yourself into the strong, self-protective role model the child needs you to be.  Being a good parent means making yourself do things because they're right and true, not because you want things to look good no matter what kind of fool you have to make of yourself.  Get serious counseling, be brutally honest with yourself about why you can let someone treat you in such a despicable way and then still come back begging for more. 

You can do it.  I know you can. Recognizing that she's made you her bitch should be impetus enough.  If it's not, you may as well get the ball gag and handcuffs.  You've chosen your place and it's not on top.


  1. There is nothing sadder than someone shelling out painful relationshit on social networks.