Friday, March 16, 2012

Flash Friday

Am I ready to settle down?
Yes.  You've really grown up in the past few months.

It is acceptable for ladies to wear shorts?
NO! Exceptions made for exercise or gardening.

What's a good rice pudding recipe?
Take milk and cooked rice combined in a  2:1 ratio. Cook on low until the milk reduces to a creamy consistency.  Add a pinch of salt, sugar to taste and vanilla or cardamom to your liking.

Am I a good person?
It makes me sad you have to ask this.  Of course you are and we are all proud of the way you always put yourself before others.  Thank you!

Will things get better?
 No!  They will be great!  Dues paid?  Check.  Sacrifices made?  Check!  Ready for some really good things to happen?  You betcha!

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