Friday, March 23, 2012

Flash Friday

Do I have enough friends?
Yes. Your current number of friends is always the right number for where you are in your life.

Butter or margarine?
Butter. Always go with the least processed choice. You're body wants food, not science.

Should I start a garden this year?
Definitely. But because you tortured last year's garden into an early death, stick with large planters.

Am I going to get better?
Of course! It doesn't matter which way the situation goes, you are going to get better at handling those challenges. You will get better at life and that is what's important.

Should I have an affair?
Yes. If you're douchey enough to ask, you're probably not very bright either, which means you'll get caught and if, bob willing, your partner is smarter than you, they'll release you back into the wild where you belong.

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