Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tales of a Message Board Loser

Dear Eve,

I belong to a message board and it stresses me out!  I really love the group of people and the subject but there is like a popular group with a few mean girls that seem to dominate the discussions.  I try to throw my hat in the ring but get very little feedback.  I feel like I'm back in school trying to fit in, trying too hard and failing.

Should I stop posting because it's stressing me out?

Dear Wannabee,

Yes.  Stop posting but not because it's stressing you out.  Stop out of solidarity with all the other geeks, nerds, misfits, burnouts, and trailer trash that are shut out of popular discourse everyday because a few self-entitled bullies dominate the conversation.  Show the mean girls that you will not play their reindeer games and you, by bob, will be heard or you will leave the conversation, thank-you-very-much and Good Day, Sir!  I said Good Day!

Or keep posting and don't give a single shit what anyone thinks. They're chicks on the internet.  You're over-thinking what could be an awesome way to be yourself, unfiltered.  Online you can reinvent yourself with no repercussion.  Timid in real life but don't want to be?  Be unapologetic about your opinions in your on-line life.  No one can pigeon-hole you, judge you by your looks, socioeconomic status, or  by your choice of career.  What an incredible opportunity to share who you are with other people.  And, like in real life, when you are true to who you are and don't care what other people think, you will organically become part of the conversation.  It's easy to sniff out someone that's trying too hard and, honestly, it makes you look dishonest and no one wants to waste their time with a fake. 

Don't be that girl anymore: taking her metaphorical lunch tray from metaphorical lunch table to metaphorical lunch table, metaphorically asking each metaphorical person if she can sit at their table only to,  metaphorically, 1) be reminded that you have a fat-ass, 2) be told to sit with the other losers from the wrong side of the tracks, or 3) get a resounding no, then later, get a love note from a gorgeous jock asking you to the prom and when you go and tell him yes he laughs in your face and HAHAHA I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU THOUGHT I COULD EVER HAHAHAHA.

Your life is not a John Hughs movie.  Get out of your head and if you can't, bow out.

I'm cranky. :(

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