Friday, April 13, 2012

Flash Friday

Should I finally confront my mom?
No.  Wait until you can say "I can't wait to confront my mom!" Otherwise, you'll crash and burn and just feel worse.

Can I get away with wearing leggings?
Yes!  They make everyone look super cute.  Just cover your ass if it's huge.

What's a good date movie?
Harold and Maude.  No contest.

Am I ready to get a dog?
No.  You'll have to walk the poor thing and we know you won't. But it sounds nice in theory!

Why are we fighting so much?
You're both afraid to talk about the real problem so fighting over the little things is a safer way to show how unhappy you are.  Being honest is hard but you have to do it or things will get much worse.

1 comment:

  1. Flash Friday is my favorite!  As if Friday can get any better....they do now with Flash Friday by Eve Stevens!!! PS - Harold and Maude is AWESOME!