Friday, April 20, 2012

Flash Friday

Should I tell my girl that her jokes aren't funny?
Only if you're okay with her being just as honest with you, possibly about you-know-what.

Should I de-friend a family member on facebook who posts terribly insulting things?
Yes. De-friending and disowning are two different things, people. Let them figure it out.

Should I have a dinner party this weekend?
Sure. Four courses of outrageously good food made by vous is just what you need to get a little pep back in your step.

Why do I suddenly have cravings for Vietnamese food?
Because you've suddenly become awesome!

How can I show my wife how much I love her?
Tell her how you feel, do things to make her life easier and, for once, give her a massage that lasts longer than 30 seconds and isn't just an excuse to plant your penis in her lady garden.

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