Friday, April 27, 2012

Flash Friday

Should I give it one more chance?
Probably not.  You sound tired and tired means you're done.

When's the best time to plant tomatoes?
Holy Nuts!  It's actually this weekend according to Farmer's Almanac. True story.

Is it alright to ask my new boyfriend to rub my feet?
Yes.  Always ask for what you want, especially if he still has that new boyfriend smell.  Don't start the relationship censoring your needs.

Why didn't anyone show up to my party?
Your sycophantic behavior toward your friends makes you seem disingenuous because, let's be honest, you are.  You don't really like them, but like the idea of them.  They don't really like you either.

How do I ask my good friend out on a date?
Go balls out.  No demure lead up, self-effacing remarks, or saying something stupid like "It's ok if you say no." Say what you mean; don't be ashamed of how you feel.

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