Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Say "No!" to Greedy Little Bastards

Dear Eve,

I have spoiled my teenagers. They go through electronics like water. So far this year I have bought 2 replacement laptops for $1000 each for school work and 5, I’m not kidding, ipods. I have 4 children and one has ADHD. The others just don’t seem to care. They are aged 9 to 17.

They expect me to keep buying when they break or lose their stuff. I’m tired of it but I think it’s too late. I’ve already created monsters.

Is it too late to be a mean mom?

Dear Pushover,

It’s never too late to be a responsible mom and that’s what we’re really talking about here. Your job isn’t to raise kids who are happy now, but to raise kids who will be happy once they are out on their own. I’ve never known a spoiled child who grew into a content adult; you’ve got to give your children a better foundation to stand on.

Don’t spend another dime on electronics. Not everyone can afford laptops and the ones that don't have one are not doomed to fail in life, anymore than your children are guaranteed to pass with one. They will tell you that they must have one for school, and they may, but they didn't care enough about that fact when they were being irresponsible with them, so you need to tell them that they need to figure it out on their own. Ignore their pleas for assistance like you ignore the condoms you found while snooping in your oldest’s bedroom. And IPods are not necessities even if everyone else has them. The kids will survive though I’m sure they will honestly believe you are killing them.

Remember: they will try to continue to manipulate you . If you value the idea of them as happy, productive adults don’t give in. Get mad, woman! Don’t cut yourself any slack. You’ve set a poor example for your kids but now you’ve got a chance to right those wrongs and make necessary changes. If you think it’s bad now, don't work to change things and wait until your spoiled kids have spoiled kids and grandma gets to foot everyone’s bills. Yay retirement! Hahahahahah. No retirement for you, granny. Now if you just said "no" in the beginning....

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