Friday, February 17, 2012

Love Me or I'll Say You Have Crabs

Dear Eve,

I miss my friend very much.  We used to see each other a lot or  talk or text but now she blows me off when I try to get together or even text.

The problem was that I got very sick last year and was out of touch with everyone, even her.  But she never tried to get in touch with me either.

I feel like she's decided that my illness is not going away that she doesn't want a "sick" friend or the drama that comes with that like canceling at the last minute or not being able to say "fine" when she asked me how I'm doing.

Is it too late and should I stop putting myself out there?

Dear Friend,

Yes! You might as well be a puppy trying to catch it's tail for all the good it will do you to call her one more time. When you're in poor health it can be difficult to maintain friendships and you quickly find out who your thick-n-thin friends are.  It  can be a great sadness when you lose some one you're close to for something you have no control over.

Believe that she never was a thick-n-thin friend.  If she was, she would understand how drastically your life has changed and be there for you, even if it's just a phone call now and then.  A good friend knows that life can give you a shitty hand when you didn't even know you were playing a game and then  dry your tears when you feel like you're losing.

And for the days when you might feel particularly tender, remember that old saying: If you love someone set them free.  If they don't come back to you make a voodoo doll in their likeness, set it on fire and consider pissing on it to put it out.  Just a suggestion.  Or tell everyone she's got crabs. The situation doesn't really warrant these reactions, but you're sick and probably bored, so what the hell.

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