Friday, May 4, 2012

Flash Friday

Is it okay to give up on my diet?
Sure.  Just don't give up on yourself or your ability to make better food choices.

Should I color my hair?
Only if you can afford it.  Then again, go for it anyway.  I can see that you need a change.

Do I give in and finally admit that I'm wrong?
Not yet.  Being passive-aggressive is good.  Throw in a little dishonesty and it's like, Dude!  You're a relationship guru.  Namaste.

Why do I like hot sauce so much?  It's like I'm addicted!
In a way, it's like you are.  It triggers dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin to flood into your noggin.  A mini-drug, so to speak.

How can I stop obsessing over my awful childhood?
See a talk therapist then work really hard to come to terms with it.  You'll amaze yourself with your ability to transform the terrible, haunting past into "Wow that was shitty.  Glad it's over and I'm free."

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