Friday, July 20, 2012

Flash Friday

Is today going to be a better day?
No. But there's always tomorrow! ;)

How can I look my boss in the eye after what that Benedict Arnold did?
How can you not?  Don't let the bastard get off easy; it's not like you can get into any more trouble.

Who can I get to teach me to dance?
TV!  Watch a lot of dance-show competitions, then you can be a terrific dancer without even leaving the couch!  I swear it happens that way.

Where can I get the best tomatoes?
Your mom's garden.  Or the old guy that sits in the laundromat parking lot.  Maybe skip mom and just go to him.

Where do I go from here?
Geez.  Who the hell knows?  You've got a cluster-cuss on your hands.  If you keep looking, however, at the situation from the bottom up and not straight-on or, better yet, from the top-down, you can guarantee you're not going anywhere at all.  Control your reaction and stop being a cry-baby.

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