Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Are Those Boy's Underpants?

Dear Eve,

Should I wear my husband's underwear?  This is a real question.  I am laundry-challenged.  He is not.  They fit me, are comfortable, and don't give me wedgies, and I cannot comfortably go commando. I have never left him without any unders.  I am not heartless.

He hates it and it creeps him out.  In my defense, I don't do it often and I like to creep him out.

What do you think?

Chubby Gal

Dear Chubby,

Let's see.

1)  They are not your underwear,
2)  You are too lazy to get yours to the laundry room, and
3)  It skeeves out your husband, who must be a lovely man...

By all means, CONTINUE!  If you can't creep out your husband, who can you creep out, besides your girlfriends, children, and strangers?  It's just a pair of man-panties.  It's not like you borrow his jock-strap, right?  There was this time, after Number 2 was born, that I probably needed to borrow Husbear's but didn't.  Parts of me still regret it.....just hang there and regret it.  Oh well!

Sorry, Chubby's hubby!  You married a resourceful woman who is comfortable doing what she needs to do to get by.  Plus, I can only assume she let's you stick your penis in her, so she pretty much gets to do what she wants. :)

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  1. HAHHAHAH...

    No way I could wear my husband's underwear, but if I would, I could. He wouldn't care, though.

  2. I have to say, I am no stranger to wearing men's 'pants. Comfy!

  3. This sounds like a product development/marketing idea!

  4. Hanes already has a line of tighty whities for ladies. :( I coulda been a contenda!